Admission Policies

Every student has the right to enroll at the Eastern Samar State University provided he/she meets the university’s specific requirement and reasonable regulations. The student is expected to complete any course without prejudice to the right to transfer except for disciplinary cases and/or academic delinquencies.

As general rule, no applicant to the University shall be enrolled in any course unless proper credentials as prescribed are submitted before the end of the enrolment period.

As basic requirement for admission of a student to any tertiary level degree program shall be a graduate from the secondary level recognized by the Department of Education.


  1. All high school graduates in any school (public and private) having at least 75% general weighted average is qualified to take the University Entrance Examination.
  2. Entrance examinees must comply with the following:
    1. Fill out the entrance application form.
    2. Submit photocopy of form 138 (HS card) or Certification that he/she is a graduating student.
    3. Submit 2 copies of 2” x 2” recent ID photo.
    4. Passers of the entrance examination will proceed to their chosen college (CoEd, CET, CBMA, CAS, CANS, CoN) for enrolment.


  1. Transcript of Records/Report of Grades
  2. Honorable Dismissal
  3. 2 copies of 2” x 2” recent ID photo.


Entrance Examination Fee: Php 50.0 (to be paid upon application)