University Seal

The seal of the university is circular in form which bears the inscription "Eastern Samar State University". The three bars at the center forming a triangle represent the mandated functions of the University are Instruction, Research and Extension. The seal of the University also contains the following symbols:

a. Rope – for unity, coordination and discipline;
b. Panicle – for richness in agriculture and productivity;
c. Scroll – the flag color of Eastern Samar State University with its year of inception, 1960;
d. Gear – for science, technology and industry and the five campuses of the university;
e. Torch – for the unquenchable thirst of learning;
f. Book – for the source of knowledge and wisdom;
g. Scallops – represent the seventeen regions of the country.

The colors of the seal are green, red, golden yellow, and white.
Blue symbolizes the noble aspiration of the University;
Red for power, and vitality;
Green signifies freshness, hope, and productivity;
Golden yellow for richness of aim;
White for purity, truth and simplicity in the conduct of the University's various programs, projects and activity.