Research Agenda


  • Implement meaningful research for the improvement of institutional services to the communities.
  • Collaborate and support significant research endeavors was initiated by members of the academic community or by it’s various public to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural advancements in the local communities, the region, nation and the global community; and
  • Promote appreciation for research and its utilization.


  • Strengthening research activities, ReSeD enhanced research activities to effect and increase in the overall size of diverse research initiatives and outputs, balanced by a continuing focus on sustaining and improving the researcher’s skills and capacity.
  • Resources Development, ReSeD expanded the university’s resources in support to researchers’ needs and research requirements while at the same time assuring the modernization of the university’s technological infrastructures and information resources.
  • Partnership linkaging, ReSeD further advanced the reputation of the University as a major public research center by fostering research collaboration and the establishment of innovative partnership within other research units and government entities as will as the industry and the private sector.
  • Institutionalization of a Reward System, ReSeD recognized and rewards those who have made significant achievements on research in its desire to promote and maintain research interest and productivity among the university personnel.